I Miss the Donut Days

In the moments when I witness the way in which one paint color weeps into another, I say , “Wow, this is what I get to do today.” I don’t deny that art-making for me can be trying at times, but the surprise and the unrepeatable happenstance, specifically with this work, keeps me going. The marks that happen may only stay for a moment and soon may be covered and it is only my eyes that sees this process.

As an artist, I work thematically. When I approach a show, I know well enough I will have to dive into something I may not know where I am going and how I will get there, but I trust in myself as a person and artist to stay true to the challenge-line, stay real, stay afloat, stay with it.

With this “family” of work, I wanted more mystery, and a change in tempo. I wanted risk. A new set of materials and tools gave me more physical freedom. I favored larger movements and less attention to detail. I threw myself in, this time, departing from my previous work which was more meditative and pattern-oriented. These paintings have a few or many layers, stories hide underneath, but what you see is the captured abstraction, the still of an animated surface.