I Miss the Donut Days

It is typical for me to start in a direction, for a show, and then take a different path. People that know me well, are never surprised.

With this particular body of work, I found it difficult to be bound by the pre-existing panels (already fabricated and paid for) I had in my studio. I needed to expand the boundaries and be more physical. Therefore, I moved to canvas; painting it pre-primed and stretched on the walls. I had more room to move my entire body and at the same time, more resistance, up against the wall.

I have been spoiled for years. Growing up in beautiful places, having the freedom to roam and explore. Little got in my way, my site or view.

In the hours and days of making this work, I was faced head-on with changes happening around me. My studio (industrial NW on the Willamette River) has had an open sky and river view for years. Now I am facing the loss of the light and view, and the city faces the loss of ever claiming this land for greater waterfront public usability.

Encompassed by the negatives that can go along with development: noise pollution and lack of forethought, I struggle with these changes and how quickly they are happening. I longed to get out of the city, that is a vastly different city, than twenty years ago. I missed the birdsongs I used to hear outside my window, and I became nostalgic for old times, just as I am sure many before me have felt.