I Miss the Donut Days

I often use materials, in my artwork, that have had a previous life. I hail from a family of collectors, prospectors and scavengers. Dictated by economics, but also fueled by curiosity, they were resourceful, creative and inventive, and a formative influence on me.

The Glean residency appealed to me because of my roots, my personal struggle with the amount of waste I produce, what Portland, Oregon (one of the greenest US cities) contributes to the waste stream and ultimately Western Culture’s mountain of un-intercepted reusable material.
There is an endless supply of material to glean from the Metro Central Transfer Station.  After entertaining various artful rabbit holes, I focused on collecting wood, glass and metal, which I cleaned, sanded,sorted, sifted and edited.

Ultimately my yield was a crop of pieces about the thoughts, stories, and experiences we have in this impermanent life.  WHat someone talked or thought about when sweeping or digging?  What tune was whistled while paddling?  Who else lived and breathed in our houses? What did a person see looking in a mirror, or out a window?  This work distills down some of the objects we use, in this temporal life, and enshrines their enduring nature.